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Chris Hutter

Chief Executive Officer

Chris Hutter is the Chief Executive Officer of National Power, a leading critical power and infrastructure company focused on delivering reliability and resilience to mission critical customers.


National Power serves customers whose operations simply cannot be interrupted, including broadband, wireless, data centers, healthcare, manufacturing, municipal, water/wastewater, military, and other critical industries. National Power’s broad capabilities include standby power, AC and DC power systems, batteries and energy storage, HVAC, power quality, solar and renewables, microgrids, EV charging, and disaster recovery.


Chris previously served as the Chief Operating and Financial Officer of PowerSecure, a NYSE-Listed company which grew 5-fold over just six years prior to being purchased by Southern Company for a 90% premium over its public market price.

He is on the Board of Directors of Powerside, a leading provider of power quality solutions and has an MBA from Duke University and a BS in Accounting from Case Western Reserve University.


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