DC Power Systems & Inverters

Benning DC to DC Converter

Our revolutionary line of DC/DC modular converters have been designed to provide reliable, high quality DC power for critical loads. It is packaged as a scalable, compact 19” rack-mount solution. The modules will be 125VDC input, 48V/20A output modular units which mount in a 19” shelf.

Single shelf 3RU (5.25”) high systems can provide up to 80 amps with four 20 amp modules. A second expansion shelf can be added with an additional five modules for up to a total of 180 amps of 48 VDC power.

The modules share the load in parallel, allowing the system to be configured for redundancy to ensure optimum availability for critical loads. If redundancy is configured and a module fails, it is automatically disconnected from the output bus and the remaining modules pick up the load. Since modules are “hot-pluggable”, a faulty module can be swapped out without interrupting power to the load.


  • Applications: Custom Solutions, E-House, Energy Storage, Industrial, Oil, Gas & LNG,Power Generation, Railway/Metro, Telecom, Utilities & FACTS
  • Functions: DC/DC Converter
  • AC Voltage: DC Voltage: 110V, 125V, 12V, 220V/240V, 24V, 36V, 48V, 60V
  • Size: Up to 4 x 22A modules; can add second shelf for additional 5 modules (88A or 198A output power)
  • Input: 125Vdc
  • Output: 48Vdc
  • Redundancy: N+1
  • Features & Compliances: >91% efficiency, hot plug, rack or cabinet, low output ripple. UL1950, 1 to IEC 60950, EN60950
  • Dimensions: 3R x 19″

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