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Benning Tebevert-C Inverter System

Our revolutionary Tebevert-C line of modular inverters have been designed to provide reliable, high quality AC power for critical datacom loads. It is packaged as a scalable, compact 19” relay rack mount solution. The 120VAC, 1250VA modules mount in a 19” shelf.

Single shelf 3RU (5.25”) high Tebevert-C 19” systems can provide up to 3.75kVA with three 1.25kVA modules. A second expansion shelf can be added with an additional five inverter modules and 6.25kVA for a total of 10kVA of pure sine-wave AC power.

The modules share the load in parallel, allowing the system to be configured for redundancy to ensure optimum availability for critical loads. If redundancy is configured and a module fails, it is automatically disconnected from the output bus and the remaining modules pick up the load. Since modules are “hot-pluggable”, a faulty module can be swapped out without interrupting power to the load.


  • Size: 3 x 1.25Kva base; 8 x 1.25Kva with expansion shelf
  • Input: 48Vdc
  • Output: 120Vac
  • Redundancy: N+1
  • Features & Compliances: >91% efficiency; hot-pluggable. EN60950, 2006-11 UL 1950 conforms to UL 1950
  • Dimensions: 85.6 x 132.6 x 301.5 mm

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