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GE 827E Inverter System

System Solutions

The GE 827E is an N+1 redundant and expandable source of AC power for the telecommunications industry. The highly reliable AC power output is robust enough to handle linear and nonlinear loads with low power factors such as personal computers, servers and modems. Inverter modules operating in parallel eliminate the need for a second AC source of power.

Compact Scalable Design

A complete system requires only 5U of space. It can be configured with a minimum of inverter units sized to meet the immediate need, and grown as required. This allows for the low initial deployment costs, but retains expandability to serve future needs. Combined with user defined input choices and a compact foot print (8.75”H x 15”D), the 827E inverter is able to adapt to varying needs and requirements.

Shelf / System Options

The 827E can be configured in 19” or 23”
wide framework. Both 24Vdc and -48Vdc
shelves can utilize as little as 5U of rack
space. Each shelf is a complete system
including a controller and distribution
monitor. The 19” shelf can hold up to four
inverter modules and the 23” system can
hold up to six. The -48Vdc system can be
expanded to a four shelf arrangement for
applications requiring as much as 28.8KVA of
120Vac, 230V/50Hz or 240V/60Hz.

Maintenance Bypass and AC Distribution
panels are optional equipment.

Intelligent Controller

The 827E controller features a 2 line x
16 character backlit LCD and 4-button
navigation. Front panel status indicators
and 4 alarm extensions provide system
conditions. The controller can be accessed
through the front panel craft port or optional
modem connectivity.

Features and Benefits


  • Distributed fault tolerance
  • Proven field performance
  • Controller continuity


  • Industry leading controller features
  • Modem option for remote access
  • Centralized network management

Investment Protection

  • Module compatibility
  • Power shelf growth
  • Flexible upgrade options

On Time Delivery

  • 4 – 6 week availability
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Standard building blocks

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