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GE GPS 2436


The GPS2436 capitalizes on the product strengths found in the GPS4848 and Infinity product families by integrating the high-efficiency Infinity TE rectifier platform and the time-tested distribution found in the GPS4848. Utilizing the 1U 100A 24Vdc rectifiers, a fully equipped bay only requires 15.75 inches allowing for as much as 60 inches of distribution panels. With this increased density, a single bay GPS2436 system provides ampacity and distribution for most medium and small applications while retaining all the features found with the larger GSP4848.

Bay Options

The GPS2436 system can be deployed with the capacity of up to 2400 amps in a single cabinet or expanded over multiple cabinets to 3600 amps. Designed for either internal input AC breakers or terminal strip terminations, rectifier shelves can be spread across two bays or concentrated to a single bay. In applications needing additional distribution, two more bays can be added and dedicated exclusively for distribution.

Infinity Rectifiers

The Infinity TE rectifier series offers modules for use in +24Vdc applications.

Rectifier: – NE100AC24ATEZ Rectifier, 100A/24V Output

Galaxy Millennium® II & Pulsar Plus Controllers

The Galaxy Millennium II controller combines sophisticated power monitoring and remote management. This flagship controller simplifies operations and maintenance while lowering administrative costs. Remote peripheral modules support over 500 monitoring points for GE Energy or third-party devices. Ethernet, SNMP, and TL1 provide integration with power engineering and NOC workflow.

As an economical alternative, the GPS2436 can be equipped with the Pulsar Controller. Designed to monitor and control system components including rectifier’s converters and distribution modules via a multi-drop RS485 digital communications bus. System status, parameters settings, and alarm thresholds can be viewed and configured from the controller’s front panel or PC interface.


  • Medium power applications utilizing single-phase or 3-phase 240Vac input
  • Full-featured control and monitoring capability
  • 3600 Amp system capacity
  • Efficiency approaching 97%



  • Distributed fault tolerance
  • Proven field performance
  • Controller continuity


  • Industry-leading controller features
  • Ethernet interface for remote access
  • Centralized network management

Investment Protection

  • Module compatibility
  • Power shelf growth
  • Flexible upgrade options

On-Time Delivery

  • 4 – 6  week availability
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Standard building blocks

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