DC Power Systems & Inverters

GE GPS 4848

The industry standard for telecom power, the GPS4848/100 is the first choice to meet dc power requirements of large centralized switching, and Internet Services data center applications. The GPS provides output capacities up to 20,000A in an integrated multi-cabinet configuration utilizing 3-Phase 3-wire rectifiers operating on commercial 208/220/240Vac or 380/400/480Vac. The Galaxy Millennium II controller provides detailed system management and flexible control of GE and third part equipment.

Bay Options

The system can be deployed in centralized or distributed system architectures. GPS provides industry leading capacity of up to 3080 Amps in a single cabinet which can scale to 20,000 Amps in a multi-cabinet system solution. A single Millennium II controller links all components of the system, while intelligently interacting with the local and remote Ethernet networks.

595 Rectifier

The 595LT-TE rectifier integrates proven technology with superior control features in a compact, cost effective solution. This highly efficient rectifier platform provides unparalleled
performance maximizing system investment approaching 96%. The 595LT-TE series offers two modules for use in -48V applications.


• 595LTA-TE, 220A/48V output @ 480VAC
• 595LTB-TE, 220A/48V output

Galaxy Millennium* II Controller

The Galaxy Millennium II controller combines sophisticated power monitoring and remote management. This flagship controller simplifies operations and maintenance while lowering administrative costs. Remote peripheral modules support over 500 monitoring points for GE or third party devices. Ethernet, SNMP, and TL1 provide integration and surveillance of system-state conditional reporting and capacity management.

Features and Benefits


  • Delivers decades of service
  • High availability architecture
  • NEBS level 3 certified


  • Industry leading controller features
  • Ethernet interface for remote access
  • Centralized network management

Investment Protection

  • Backward compatibility
  • Flexible upgrade options
  • Seamless integration with ferro plants

On Time Delivery

  • Standard building blocks
  • 4 – 6 week availability
  • 24/7 technical support

GPS 4827

The 4827 capitalizes on the product strengths found in the GPS4848 and Infinity product families by integrating the highly efficient Infinity TEZ rectifier platform and the time tested distribution found in the GPS4848 to create the GPS4827 Infinity Power System.  Utilizing the 1RU 50A or 75A 48V rectifiers; a fully equipped bay only requires 15.75 inches of rack space for 9 rectifier shelved allowing for as much as 2700A of rectifiers and 48 inches of distribution.  With this increased density, a single bay GPS4827 system provides ampacity and distribution for most small and medium applications while retaining all the features found with the larger GPS4848.

Features and Benefits

  • 1-phase, 3-phase low line 240Vac input as well as 277 phase to neutral operation
  • Now available with either 50 or 75 Amp rectifiers
  • Rectifier efficiencies exceeding 94%
  • Up to 2700 Amp charge capacity per bay with 75A rectifiers
  • System Capacity of 5400A

GPS 4812

-48V DC Medium Power Plant

The industry standard for DC energy systems, the GPS 4812/24 is the first choice to meet dc power requirements of medium datacenter and central office applications. The GPS provides output capacities up to 6,400A in an integrated, multi-cabinet configuration; 1,600A in a full height single cabinet; or 800A in a half height cabinet for mounting above VRLA batteries. True 3-phase 3-wire rectifiers operate on commercial 208/240Vac or 480Vac. The Galaxy Millennium II controller provides detailed system management and flexible control of GE and third party equipment. GPS is installed and supported by the most experienced services team in the world.

 Features and Benefits

  • Medium power applications requiring 1-phase or 3-phase 240 Vac input
  • Streamlined system control and monitoring
  • 6,400 Amp capacity
  • Efficiency approaching 97%

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