Generac Generators & Transfer Switches

Your Trusted Source for Commercial Generac Generators in NC & SC

When your power goes out, you shouldn’t be left worrying whether your backup power system is going to do its job.  You need a generator that you can trust every time.

That’s why we offer Generac generators: one of the most reliable, cost-effective commercial generator brands on the market. Generac Power Systems is among the world’s largest independent manufacturers of complete engine-driven industrial generator systems — systems ranging from 3 to 9000 kilowatts. National Power is the only Industrial Distributor of Generac generators in NC and SC, and we offer full warranty support on every unit, including field service and Generac parts.

No need to wonder, “What size generator do I need?” Our expert sales team is standing by to consult on correct generator sizing, fuel types and more — for everything from the Quiet Test Series to industrial diesel generators.