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MCP5537 Diaphragm Water Pump

Generac Magnum Diaphragm Water Pumps are the work horses of the pump world. The MCP5537 Pump is an electric water pump with a 4 HP Honda GX120 gas-fired engine that can handle any kind of shallow and muddy applications you can throw at it, including trenches, ditches, and foundations. With their self-priming feature, these pumps can continue running after the “run dry” point without damage to the pump, so even recurring water is no match for them.


  • 3” intake and discharge ports
  • Cast aluminum pump construction
  • Auto-priming allows for intermittent pumping
  • Pumps up to 65 GPM
  • 4 HP Honda GX120 gas-fired engine
  • Choice of skid-mount or wheel-mount
generac magnum mcp5537 portable diaphragm water pump

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